Important note

Due to the current situation, we decided with a heavy heart not to open our company this season. We look to the future with hope and look forward to welcoming you again
from the end of November 2021.

Sincerely, your family Pöllitzer & your Montana team

Let's not give Covid-19 any more chances together!
In addition to the legal requirements currently in force, we offer a comprehensive package of measures in the hotel, restaurant and - in cooperation with the lift community - in the ski areas, which will enable you to enjoy relaxing and enjoyable skiing days. We continuously evaluate the situation and adjust our Covid-19 compliance in view of any changes in legal or regulatory requirements.
Ski opening
There will be NO OPENING CONCERT at the start of the season on 26 November 2020. This does not mean, however, that there will be no opening. Work is in full swing on smaller events and highlights. Therefore, we are trying to make the pre-Christmas period in particular as attractive as possible with various activities. Especially winter sports should be put into focus. If and how the concert can be made up for at the end of the season is currently being discussed or negotiated with the planned artists. Offers such as the Advent market or the Krampus parade (without party) will be held according to plan under the current conditions.
Funicular and ski slopes
Multifunctional scarf as a gift: When you buy a ski pass, you will receive a multifunctional scarf as a gift, which can be used as a mouth and nose protector (MNS). Wearing an MNS is obligatory in the areas marked accordingly.

Organized queuing areas:
 Regardless of the current legal requirements, queuing areas are technically organised in such a way that closely related groups of people are avoided as far as possible.
Limited number of persons: A reduction of the maximum number of persons permitted in the cable car cabins or chair lifts is not legally binding. We refrain from using the permitted capacities if the number of passengers is correspondingly low. An MNS must always be worn in cable car cabins and when travelling on chair lifts and lifts.
Hotel and Restaurant
Minimum distances: In our restaurant we pay attention to the official minimum distances of tables and seats. Hygiene measures in the buffet areas were adapted and extended.

Ongoing tests:
 Employees Employees will be trained on Covid-19 tested. Follow-up tests are carried out on those who are in contact with customers. 
Cleaning and disinfection: Hygiene and cleanliness are our quality promise to you and our employees and have top priority. This includes a significant increase in the frequency of Cleaning of often touched surfaces, such as handrails, tables, lift buttons, Doorknobs, ........ - using virucidal agents, which are also approved by the Environmental Protection Agency. 
Booking and cancellation options: We recommend for the coming winter season the conclusion of a travel insurance policy. Our accommodations offer on reservation the European Travel Insurance on. This now insures Covid-19 diseases, just like any other unexpected serious illness. 

Entry from a risk country: 
If you enter from a country that is considered a risk country classified or with a travel warning to Austria in order to spend a holiday with us directly afterwards, please make a PCR test for your own safety. Thank you for acting responsibly. and thus protect yourself and your fellow man! 
Wellness: You can use our massage offer in compliance with the new hygiene and safety regulations as usual enjoy. The use of the sauna is also subject to the currently valid Regulations according to the bath hygiene law possible. Independently carried out Infusions are permitted. However, waving is not recommended. Stop in the cabins please keep the prescribed distance of 1 m in each direction to those persons who do not live together with you in the same household. In order to maintain the required distance between the individual couches in the rest rooms the number of couches was reduced. 
The sports equipment may be used and is regularly disinfected. We but also ask you to disinfect yourself before and after use of the devices. Persons living in the same household may use the The minimum distance of 2 meters can also be undercut. 

Stay healthy and reduce spread: 
To protect against particular infections, we urge guests and staff to isolate themselves and inform reception immediately by telephone if they develop a fever (38°C or higher), begin to feel feverish or develop other typical signs or symptoms of illness. Wash your hands frequently with soap and water, especially after coughing or sneezing. 

We offer you individually packed disposable mouth-nose protection masks at a small contribution towards expenses of € 0,70.